Playground Fundraising Update

Our playground planning and fundraising are continuing with zest.  On the planning side, we have met with two VSB vendors to share our priorities and to ask for quotations. We should have both initial quotations in within the next two weeks.  From there, we will work to refine the proposals, including deciding which aspects will form which phases of our playground development.  If you would like to help review and revise the proposals, please email us at

The fundraising initiative for the new playground is off to a great start! A sincere thank you to all families (whether staying on or leaving UHE), that answered the direct appeal request!! Each donation that comes in not only speeds up our timeline to get the new playground installed, but also provides motivation and support to the parents and teachers driving this forward – thank you. The playground has received some rather generous gifts ($3260 so far) but also the direct appeal sparked a conversation, and the Playground Committee is very appreciative of parents that offered to help be it with grant writing, future fundraisers, or corporate appeal. It is not too late to donate – please consider dropping off a cheque or cash with Corinna (please write “playground fund” in the memo line of cheques).

We are excited to announce a summer Read-a-thon to promote literacy and raise funds for our playground.  Look out for packages and information about this coming home with your child’s report card.  One hundred percent of the funds raised from the Read-a-thon will go towards the playground, and we have received great feedback appreciating the effort to a) give our kids some ownership and involvement in the fundraising process, and to create a fundraising event that was inclusive regardless of income or ability; the fundraiser is completely optional with no set minimums and 2 of 4 student prizes will be awarded regardless of pledges raised.

The next major task is submitting grant applications for the 1) BC New Playground Fund, 2) Federal Government Accessibility Fund, and 3) BC Capital Works Grant. We have a team of parent volunteers to write and edit, but if you have any experience writing grants please contact the PAC.

Lastly, for all you Whitecaps FC fans look out for news soon on how buying your game ticket through a UHill specific web link gets you great seats and in turn raises money for the playground. It’s a win-win!

Thank you again for your support, and please support your child in reading and getting pledges for the Read-a-thon this summer!

Leah Chapman and Jen McCutcheon

Final 2017/18 PAC general meeting tomorrow!

Hi UHE Families

Tomorrow (Friday) morning is our final PAC meeting of the school year. We hope that you will join us! Despite the school year wrapping up, we have a number of things to update you on, and as we start to think ahead to next year, we would love to get your input and ideas.

The draft agenda is below, and the meeting will be held from 8:30-9:30 in the Multipurpose Room (aka cafeteria).

All the best,


Agenda PAC Meeting June 22, 2018 from 8:30-9:30am
1. Treasurer’s report (Jenny)
2.  UHE Staff updates (i usually put this close to the start so that the teachers can talk before the bell rings (Carrie and staff)
3. Update on Grade Restructuring Meeting and Process  (Angela)
4. Update on the playground and fundraising, including the upcoming Read-a-thon  (Jen and Leah)
5. Planning for next year:Sharing of ideas by next year’s co-chairs (including overview of key committees), hearing ideas and suggestions from the group (Silvia and Angela)
6. AOB

PAC events this week (social and meeting)

Dear UHE Families,

Please join us this week for two events:

Tuesday June 19 from 7:30 on at Mahoney and Sons – Parent Social

  • No need to RSVP, no agenda, just a time for parents to relax and chat together
  • Address: 5990 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 2B9 (next to Shoppers Drug Mart)


Friday June 22 at 8:30-9:30 in the Multipurpose Room at UHE – final PAC meeting of the year

  • We have a lot going on, including fundraising for and helping design the new playground, giving input on the grade restructuring for the University Hill schools, and planning for next year.  Please join us!


Finally, I am starting to get a few requests from new families coming to UHE next year who would like to connect with current families. If you are willing to connect with an incoming family, please email, and let me know what grade your child is going into (i.e., what grade s/he will be starting in September).  If there are any new incoming families reading this, if you would like to be connected with an existing UHE family over the summer, please email and let me know what grade your child will be entering.

Thank you, and have a great summer!

Jen McCutcheon (PAC Chair, 2017/18)

Playground update

Dear UHE families

We wanted to keep you all in the loop as the playground planning and fundraising continues. We are just finishing up our information gathering phase, having solicited input and feedback through parent and staff surveys; focus groups with UHE students; class-based discussions, research and drawings; and reaching out specifically to an occupational therapist (who specializes in child play), parents, teachers and support workers of children with special needs.  The document below outlines the priorities identified through this process.

Highlights from UHE Playground Requests,

We are still on track to meet our early July goal of having a proposal ready to present for our application to the BC Provincial government for funding. Our next step is to meet with 2-3 vendors to share our priorities and request quotations for the various components (circuit structure, rope climbing structure, and some “natural” play areas). Once we have a few quotations, we will select the ones we like, and develop a timeline. For example, the provincial funding may cover the cost of the circuit structure, while our fundraising (see below) will cover the costs of the other aspects.

On the fundraising front, we are continuing to focus in four key areas: 1) provincial and federal grants, 2) charitable organization and accessibility grants, 3) corporate sponsorship including UBC and the UNA, and 4) UHE students and families. In addition to provincial funding mentioned above, there are a handful of various grants with application due dates over the coming months, then again in the Fall and Spring seasons. If you have experience with grant writing and may have some time to assist with writing or editing, please let us know! We can really use your help especially with the next two major grant deadlines on July 26th and 31st.

Parent volunteers will be approaching various departments/parts of UBC and the UNA for funding, and so thank you to all the families who participated in the affiliation survey! The survey data are very helpful in demonstrating UHE family affiliation with UBC and in turn crafting a stronger plea for support.

Also, thank you for fundraising suggestions submitted in the survey as well as offers to help! An official UHE letter has been prepared that may be used when soliciting donations or company donation matching. Please contact Leah for more information (i.e. tax receipt etc.) or if you have any other suggestions.

Finally, we will be looking to UHE families to participate in various fund raising activities – such as a summer Read-a-thon – as well as a direct appeal. Stay tuned for more on each of these and remember, no donation, volunteer time or pledge is too small!

If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to get more involved, please email us at

Thank you!

Jen (Playground Planning) and Leah (Playground Fundraising)