Welcome Back

Dear UHill families,

Welcome back to all the families returning to Uhill or joining us for the first time! We hope you had a great summer, and are all set for the new school year!

While we all hoped that this school year would see a return to normal, we will continue to be challenged to create the best school experience possible for our children in the face of the ongoing pandemic. The strength of the “village” cannot be overstated in such times, and we feel it is more important than ever before to unite as a community to support our children, the teachers, and the school in the best way we can.

Please see this link for a short welcome package from the PAC. We look forward to connecting with familiar and new faces around school and at our PAC meetings.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Email: uhillpac@gmail.com
Website: https://uhillpac.wordpress.com/
Twitter address: @uhillpac

We look forward to getting to know you better!

Your 2021/22 PAC Executive

Farewell 2020/21

Dear UHill Elementary families,

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy!

Due to the extreme heat warning, there will be no classes tomorrow (Monday, June 28, 2021) and the school will remain closed. Please keep your children home and stay cool and hydrated.

We are also approaching the last day of school before we break for summer, and the PAC wanted to share a message.

2020/21 has been a challenging year. Covid-19 pandemic impacted many aspects of our lives, and we all got affected directly or indirectly. It challenged our social behavior, mental health, and freedom. However, it also pushed the boundaries for ingenuity and innovation, and compelled the society to work together and bring forward solutions. With rapid vaccination and public health measures, we can now hope that the worst is behind us, and the summer will paw the way for a post-covid era.

The year also witnessed gruesome discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves, mostly of Indigenous children, near former residential schools in Kamloops and Regina. Although we can never imagine the pain these victims and their families were subjected to, we stand by with the Indigenous peoples, especially First Nations, as they grieve and heal. Besides, increased incidents of racial attacks on marginalized racial and ethnic groups during the pandemic reminded us that a lot of progress is needed to truly embed equity, diversity, and inclusion in our society.

We hope that the next school year will be different. Covid will be behind us, and we will be able to enjoy the “new normal” life. We would have more in person interactions, enjoy and celebrate cultural diversity of our community, welcome new families in person at school, and many other things that we all missed dearly.

2021/22 will also bring big changes to the PAC executive. Emily Gemmell, Emily Jenkins, Jen McCutcheon, and Nadia Adame will be stepping down from the executive while Carolina Tropini, Derek Doherty, Elizabeth López, Sungwook Park, and Thad Hughes would embark. We would like to thank the departing colleagues for their contribution and passion for the community and welcome the new enthusiastic members with excitement.

We wish you all a restful and safe summer and hope that you would be able to enjoy quality time with your friends and family. For the families who will not be returning to the school, we wish all the very best for their future.

In preparation for the next school year, we would also like to highlight a few ongoing popular fundraisers. Aside from helping parents/guardians, these help us raise funds for the school. Ongoing open-ended fundraisers are listed below but you can also view and bookmark these at the PAC website

Mabel’s labels: Helps you create personalized labels for your child’s school items, including lunch boxes, water bottles, clothing etc. This is very helpful for the lunch items and fall and winter gear that tends to end up in the lost and found every year. The labels are customizable, dishwasher and laundry safe. Click here, select University Hill Elementary, and a portion of your purchase will be donated to our school.

Fundscript: You can help raise funds for UHill PAC by purchasing gift cards through Fundscrip for everyday items like gas and groceries, back-to-school items, or for other shopping and gift items from over 146 retailers in BC. You can check out the full list of retailers here. There is no extra cost to you, but a percentage of your purchase is donated to the school – an easy way to support the school without added cost.

Stongs: Stong’s is an independent grocer on Dunbar street. If order online from them, just select University Hill Elementary school at checkout and 4% of your purchase will be donated to our school.


Uhill PAC executive

Lost & Found and Recycling Updates

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the lost and found is out in front of the school this week to facilitate your ability to check for lost items. Items will be available for viewing between 8:40 and 3:15.

Also, this is the last week for beverage container recycling. If you have any recyclables to contribute, please do so on Wednesday morning.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the summer weather!

Upcoming Parent Education Session: Spoiled Right—Delaying Screens and Giving Children What They Really Need (June 9th)

Date and time:  Wednesday June 9th at 7:30-8:30 pm

The pandemic has increased our children’s screen time substantially, which can be difficult for parents to manage. Often nagging just doesn’t work, and the constant battle for more screen time can be exhausting. This Screentime Network webinar with Dr. Meghan Owenz explains helpful ways to switch out screen time with other activities that kids love. In this session, we will watch excerpts from this video, and then engage in a facilitated discussion amongst other parents.

The video link is below. We will include excerpts during the session, so watching it beforehand is not required or necessary. However, you are welcome to watch all of it prior to the meeting, you are interested and able to do so.


A Zoom link will be sent out by Corinna closer to the date.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the session, Uhill Elementary PAC.