March 1st PAC meeting and workshop, parents’ social night, and other upcoming events!

Hi UHE Parents,

I wanted to let you know about a number of PAC related events and updates.  First, I hope that you can join us for our next evening PAC meeting and parent workshop on Thursday March 1st at 6pm at UHE.  Following a short PAC update (6-6:30pm), we are excited to announce that UHE parent and experienced child psychologist, Dr. Bethany Michel will lead a session on childhood anxiety. I have heard her speak before, and found her presentation highly informative, with practical tips combined with evidence-based practice. Please see the attached (below) brochure for more information (including info on free pizza and babysitting!). Please also see our previous post about proposed bylaw amendments to be discussed at the PAC meeting.

Also that week, please join us for a parents’ social night out!  We will be gathering at Biercraft in Wesbrook Village around 7:30pm on Wednesday March 7th (not the 8th as originally posted).  This is simply an opportunity for us parents to get together socially to get to know each other better and build our community.  We hope that you can join us for this evening, and please stay tuned for additional social gatherings being planned for later in the school year.

Thank you to all parents for your help in improving the traffic situation at drop off and pick up. We have a small team of UHE staff and parents who are working on additional ways to improve the situation, so stay tuned for more updates.  In the meantime, please continue to:

  • Try to walk or bike when possible;
  • Make a pick-up plan with your child, and consider picking up closer to 3:15;
  • Obey BC traffic laws, including no U-turns or walking across a street in the middle of a block (jaywlaking) – such as the middle of the access road to UHE;
  • Drive forward as much as you can while in the pick-up circle and remember to stay in your car while picking up; and
  • No parking in the staff parking lot (even during parent/teacher conferences).

We are working with the teachers to identify a class parent for each class (many classes already have this!).  Our hope is that the class parent(s) will help with communicating ideas both from our parents to the PAC executive, and from the executive out to the school, so as to ensure that the PAC is focusing on issues and ideas that are most important to our parent community.  If you are interested in becoming a class parent, please email us, or let your child’s teacher know directly.

Finally, please start thinking about your involvement in next year’s PAC executive! We will be holding elections for the 2018/19 year in May, and are currently looking for nominations for the executive positions.  Please email for more information or to express your interest.

As you can see, we’ve been busy 🙂  We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions at  The school has a number of exciting events and opportunities coming up, some of which we will be looking for parent volunteers for. Stay tuned for more, and please join us at the March 1st PAC meeting and workshop to hear more about upcoming events.

Thank you!

Jen McCutcheon


PAC Parent workshop Anxiety mar2018



Slight amendments proposed for PAC bylaws

Dear Parents,

The UHE PAC is proposing a few amendments to the UHE PAC bylaws.  These proposed changes are highlighted in purple font in the attached document.  Please have a look and we will discuss this further at the March 1 (6pm) PAC meeting.  In addition, please feel free to email your comments, questions, or suggestions to, or leave a comment below.

Thank you!

UHill Bylaws draft amendment–2018-02-14

PAC Executive Transition

Dear Fellow PAC members,

Please join me in welcoming Jen McCutcheon as the new Chair, and Alicia Tkachuk as the new Vice-chair, of the University Hill Elementary School Parent Advisory Council.  Jen and Alicia joined the PAC in their executive position on January 16, 2018, replacing Eric Douglas, the previous Chair, and Gary Leitch, the previous Vice-chair, who have both resigned.  Eric is now the Immediate Past Chair.  The procedure for succession of executive members who resign is described in the UHE PAC bylaws as follows:

“If an executive member resigns or ceases to hold office for any other reason, the remaining executive members may appoint a member of the Council to fill the vacancy until the next annual general meeting.”

In their capacity as remaining members of the executive, Jenny Chen (Treasurer) and Lingyun Zhang (Secretary) have appointed Jen and Alicia to their respective positions as new Chair and Vice-chair.  They have also asked me, HsingChi von Bergmann, to assist with this transition and announce their decision to the membership.

According to the bylaws, the roles of the Chair, Vice-chair, and Immediate Past Chair, are as follows:

“The Chair shall

a) speak on behalf of the Council,
b) consult with Council members,
c) preside at general and executive meetings,
d) prepare meeting agendas,
e) form committees where authorized by the membership or the Executive,
f) ensure that the Council is represented in school and district activities,
g) ensure that Council activities are aimed at achieving the Objectives set out in the


h) facilitate communication among the committee chairs, the general PAC membership,

the school faculty and administration, and outside entities as needed to further the

Purpose of the PAC; and

i) submit an annual report.

The Vice-Chair shall

a) assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence or upon request and
b) assist the Chair in the performance of the Chair’s duties.

The Immediate Past Chair shall

a) advise and support the membership and the Executive and
b) provide information related to resources, contacts, and other matters as needed.”

On behalf of the executive members of the PAC, I would like to thank Eric and Gary for their contributions to the PAC, and wish Jen, Alicia, and Eric the best of luck in their new roles.  Any members with questions about this transition are welcome to contact me in person, or at

Best regards,
HsingChi von Bergmann,
Chair, UHE-PAC Policy Committee
January 21, 2018


Agenda for PAC Meeting Jan 26

Hi parents,

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Friday Jan 26 at 8:30am for our next PAC meeting.  Please see the links below for a Finance update and the latest PAC budget. In addition, here is the agenda.  We hope to finish by 9:30am.  If you can’t make it this time (mornings are hard for many!), please stay tuned for our next meeting, which will be on a weeknight (maybe Thursday March 1 at 6pm, but we are open to suggestions).

Agenda – PAC General Meeting Jan 26, 2018

Welcome (including introduction of new PAC exec members)

Approval of previous minutes

Financial Report

Updates by UHE Principal and staff

Committee updates

Additional PAC updates

Setting date for next meeting and suggestions for a speaker: Thurs Mar 1 at 6pm?

PAC Finance Note January 2018 for posting

UHE-PAC Budget_2017-2018 jan 2018(1)