Looking for something fun for your kids to do during tomorrow’s Pro-D day?

District Closure Day Camp at University Chapel  – Robotics, Math & Brain Games, Sports! – May 18th 9am-3pm

There will be a Day Camp during the district closure day on May 18th hosted at University Chapel (5375 University Blvd) by Daedalos Enrichment Programs and all proceeds will go to funding the NRP Robotics Team Forces of Atlantis to help them get to their International Competition in Tallinn, Estonia in June 2018. They are the ONLY Canadian team represented at the competition, which includes teams from 72 countries from around the world.

Here are the details about the Day Camp from Daedalos:

Register here: May 18th District Closure Day Camp at University Chapel

Cost: By donation, recommended $50 – proceeds go to funding trip to European competition for UHill Alumni members’ Robotics team at NRP payable by cheque to “Daedalos Academy” or Cash on the day of.

Description: At our Pro-D Day camps we combine various activities to keep students learning while having fun. The May 18th Day camp will consist of the following elements:

  • LEGO® Robotics – Grades 1 and 2 get to build and program to their heart’s content – Grades 3 and up engage in games, races, sumo battles using LEGO® Mindstorms
  • Brain / Logic Games – riddles, mazes, cryptograms and memory teasers presented in a fun way for all grades
  • Math Challenges – engaging activities to get each student excited about math
  • Sports & Board Games

VSB proposing to eliminate sibling priority

Hi All,

The Vancouver School Board has proposed catchment boundary changes in order to balance student populations among schools. With this proposal, some families will become “out of catchment” for the school that they currently attend. Although currently enrolled students will be allowed to continue at their current school, their younger siblings will no longer be granted “sibling priority” when they become school aged. They will be required to apply as an out of catchment applicant; the likelihood of being accepted as such being very low.  You can read more here.

Feedback needed!

HI everyone, please take a minute to a) read Angela’s (one of our fellow parents) email, and b) send your feedback to VSB.. or ask more questions and then send your feedback! – Jen

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, there is a proposal to restructure UHill to a K-7 school. At the moment its still a proposal that will go to a vote, and this is the time to have our thoughts and opinions heard, if we have any. The main idea is that there will be 2 more grades (6 & 7), and the school population will go up to 400 students.
I went to the meeting yesterday to learn more about the plan, and also listened to discussions amongst the UHill teachers and staff. I think its really important that we provide feedback to give the decision makers a clear picture of our children’s rich learning experiences at UHill, and how this change may impact them. Here are some areas for consideration that I understood yesterday, that I think we all need to be aware of…
1. The Garden room (often used for baking, cooking, special projects and hanging out on wet days), the music room, the computer lab and the STEM room will be reconverted back into classrooms. (I am especially bummed that we won’t have a centralized music room anymore). The value that these spaces have added to enriching our kid’s learning is not trivial, and will be affected. Less flexible space means that it may be a bit harder for teachers to include something different (like cooking, baking, activities that require space away from desks) into their teaching. Something to consider is that such enrichment spaces are built into the design of a new school like Norma Rose, so they will continue to have them, and they won’t be converted into classrooms.
2. While we have spare classrooms (which is why it was deemed that we were “under capacity” and can take in more students and grades), the common areas (e.g., lunch room, gym-especially during concerts) are pretty full now. Staff will probably have to be creative with scheduling different times to reduce overcrowding.
3. Parking and traffic will likely become more problematic when there are more families. (There used to be school buses when UHill was K-7 – perhaps this is something we can suggest?)
These are my own thoughts and observations. I love this school and the teachers here and I think the world needs to know what makes it special :).
I would like to encourage everyone to fill in the feedback forms available at the office, I want to think it will make a difference towards VSB’s efforts to preserve the quality of our kids lives here even if they do still decide to make this change.
Feedback forms need to be in by May 21st, which does not leave much time. If you can’t come in to pick up a form, you can send your opinion to engageplanning@vsb.bc.ca. Below are the questions on the form, which you can just copy and paste in an email:
1. Do you feel informed of the proposed change? Y/N
2. Do you feel you or your family would be positively impacted by the proposed change? Y/N
Do you support the proposed change? Y/N
Comments and feedback regarding the proposed grade structure for University Hill Elementary:
Thanks for taking the time to read this! And I am happy to chat if you have any questions.
Angela Low (UHE Parent)

Bylaw revisions

Hi UHE families,

At the March PAC meeting, we discussed the previous proposed bylaw changes, and your recommendations/suggestions were brought back to the PAC Executive and Policy committee.  Based on those suggestions, we are proposing the attached further revisions.  In summary, these revisions include:

  1. taking out the mandate for future PAC executives to maintain the same committees that are currently in place (determining which committees are needed will be at the discretion of each year’s elected PAC Chair and executive
  2. revising the budget approval process for budget requests that come in throughout the year (i.e., after the PAC budget for the year has been approved in September).  These changes hopefully reflect both the need to have transparency and broader accountability for larger sums of money, without making the process too onerous on UHE staff and others requesting funds.

The first priority at the May 25 PAC meeting will be the election of a new PAC executive for next year [reminder: get your nominations in by next Friday, May 18], but assuming we have time, we will also have a discussion, and if ready, a vote to adopt these amendments.

Thank you, and as always, please reach out with any questions or comments that you have.

Jen (UHE PAC Chair 2017/18)UHill Bylaws draft amendment–2018-05-11