PAC Meeting & Parent Education Night

Hello everyone!

Our next PAC meeting will be on Wednesday November 14th from 6.30 to 8 pm in the multipurpose room at the school. Please come and join us!

We will have a very short meeting followed by our first Parent Education Event:

“Kids and Technology: How parents can help kids navigate the online world”

Rachel Blaitz is our guest speaker. Rachel is a PhD student at UBC, studying Human Development, Learning, & Culture. She has taken research focus in child and adolescent technology use, and has worked on numerous Canada-wide projects relating to cyberbullying, online safety, and technology and development. She brings a wealth of knowledge about current research and programming relating to children and technology, specifically how screen-time affects kids and teens as they grow up. Her hope is to help create safe and balanced online experiences for children and adolescents across Canada.

We’ll have plenty of time for questions at the end!

No need to RSVP.

Childminding will be provided and we will also have some pizza.

Please visit our calendar of events for other parent education opportunities offered by DPAC, the VSB and other PACs in the district.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

UHill Elementary PAC Executive

UBC development – how you can get involved

Dear UHE families.

The following is an issue that was brought to PACs attention by a group of parents in the school. While it does not directly impact the school community today, we felt that the potential impact on the future of the area, and the opportunity to get involved warranted posting.


Dear parents,

I am writing to draw your attention to a planned development on campus – the Stadium Road Neighbourhood – that will impact UHill Elementary and the community in which many parents live.  Since last year, UBC has more than doubled the planned density for this area to an estimated 4000 new residents, and will be seeking provincial approval to amend the 2010 Land Use Plan to construct 4 – 5 very tall towers, some possibly as high as 36 storeys.

Why does this development affect UHill Elementary?  First, it is apparent that UBC has not meaningfully planned for the externalities of the development.  Another 4,000 residents will add further strain on the roads and transit serving UBC and the neighborhoods around UHill, as well as grocery stores, community centers, fire and police services.

Next is the issue of schools.  Schools were, in fact, a central theme raised at two recent community forums held by the University Neighbourhoods Association in conjunction with Campus and Community Planning, the UBC group tasked with planning the development.  At present, I am aware of no plan for a new school at UBC, despite looming pressures from the new F block development (on University Blvd. and Acadia) and various ongoing developments in south Wesbrook Village.  Where will all the new children go to school?  This will surely add pressures on UHill to accommodate more students, and will leave many children in the UBC school catchments without a local school.

It is also important to consider the implications of an amended Land Use Plan on future developments around UBC.  Once the height limit is raised, it is a virtual certainty that older neighborhoods like Acadia Park will be redeveloped in the same model, with profound implications for the wonderful sense of community and open spaces available to parents and children.

If this sounds concerning to you, please consider signing this petition asking UBC and the Province to rethink the development and not amend the Land Use Plan, and feel free to share the information with your friends, neighbours, strata councils, and colleagues.  To find out more about UBC’s plans for this development, please visit:

Best wishes,

Murray (father to Simon and Emma)